Our App Features

Clear Onboarding

First time users will see an onboarding demo on how to use Kiwi


After the user scans the textbook, they can use the marker to highlight text in the app. Then, they can like it, share, add notes and search on Wikipedia to improve their learning.

Augmented Reality

Allows educators and students to unlock digital information on top of the physical book that can be viewed through Kiwi.

Pop Quiz

Kiwi provides simplified quizzes, to test their knowledge in each chapter. The app will keep track of the users scores and provide feedback on what to improve.

How might we create an immersive learning experience for highschool students?

Kiwi is a mobile application scanner for physical textbooks, that enhances the reading experience for highschool students. We want students and teachers to use Kiwi to generate content for physical textbooks. Kiwi will creatively tailor reading experiences for each student based on what that student needs.

Download our pitch (pdf). Overview of the project, including problem area, research, how it works, project plan, budget summary and team members.

Why Kiwi

1. Up-to-date

Access the most up-to-date information quicker and easier than ever before.

2. Existing Technology

Integrating technology in education everyday, so they are sure to be interested in learning if they can use the tools they love.

3. Learning Coach

Teachers become the encourager, adviser, and coach.


Uijun Park
Paola Rangel
Elushika Weerakoon